Marriage Prep 

This is a nine-week class that will equip you with the tools to build the best foundation for your marriage. You'll also add more to your toolbox for the first year of your marriage.

God’s word is our blueprint and will tell us everything we need to know about building a marriage to last a lifetime. In this class, we’ll cover topics such as communication and conflict resolution, managing finances, the biblical roles for husbands and wives, and many more.

Marriage Prep is offered twice a year, once beginning in January and again beginning in August. The next Marriage Prep class begins Sunday, January 19, 2020 at 10:45am. There is a $50 fee per couple to help offset the cost of materials, including a relationship assessment you will take as part of the class. This class is a requirement to be married at Hunter Street or by a Hunter Street minister.

Register or Contact Brian Hinton, 205.985.7295 if you have any questions about the class.


register for the Marriage Prep Class

Is there a fee for the Marriage Prep Class?

A fee of $50 per couple helps to offset the cost of books, materials, and a relationship assessment that you will receive.

What are the topics covered during the Marriage Prep Class?

  • Biblical Foundations for Marriage – Why get married? What’s the point?

  • Biblical Roles in Marriage – How do we relate to one another as husband and wife?

  • Understanding Differences – How do our backgrounds and personalities shape our marriage?

  • Healthy Communication Skills – How can we communicate more effectively?

  • Resolving Conflict Biblically – How do we resolve issues in a healthy way?

  • Managing Finances God’s Way – How will we spend our money and why?

  • Family Relationships – How do we relate to in-laws? How do we prepare to parent together?

  • Cultivating Intimacy - How do we keep our marriage from growing stale?

Is there any preparatory work that needs to be completed?
A background information questionnaire must be completed by both you and your fiancé prior to the first class. You will receive the form after you register.

We are not engaged yet, can we still come to the class?
Yes, this class is designed for those already engaged or seriously considering marriage. That said, the material that is presented will be very helpful in determining if engagement and marriage are the next best steps for you.  

Do we need to be present for each of the nine sessions?
Because there is so much material to cover, attendance at each of the sessions is strongly encouraged. However, we understand illness or travel can sometimes hinder your presence. In that event, we can make any missed materials available to you.

We are getting married before the Marriage Prep Class ends. What should we do?
Please contact Brian Hinton or call 205.985.7295 to discuss the specifics of your situation and we can work together to come up with the best plan possible. There are many options available to us; do not rule out the possibility of marriage preparation solely based on the date of your wedding.

What do we do if my fiancé lives out of town and I live here? 
Ideally both parties will be present at each session but sometimes geography will prevent this. In that case, we would encourage the out-of-town fiancé to make every effort to be present as much as possible and we will arrange to have the materials delivered for the sessions that are missed. There also might be an alternative solution possible. Please contact Brian Hinton or call 205.985.7295 to discuss the specifics of your situation.

Is the Marriage Prep Class a requirement to be married at Hunter Street?
Yes, the class is a requirement to be married on the campus of Hunter Street Baptist Church or to be married by a minister of Hunter Street (regardless of location).

Do we need to be members of Hunter Street to attend the class?
Membership at Hunter Street is not a requirement to attend the class. However, if you do not have a church home, we would welcome you to consider uniting with the people called Hunter Street as you begin your married life together.

What happens after the class?
We have a variety of newly and nearly married small groups that we would welcome you to visit. We also have ongoing marriage mentoring for you to continue building upon the foundations of the Marriage Prep Class.

Can this class be taken by those marrying for the second time?
The material for this course is presented to any who are looking to establish a healthy, biblical foundation for their marriages and we welcome all first and second-timers. If this is your third marriage (or more), please contact Brian Hinton or call 205.985.7295 to discuss the specifics of your situation. It may be that individualized sessions are more suitable for you and your fiancé.