Campus Overview


We are a large church family and our needs are many and varied.  To best accommodate the Sunday morning parking needs of our family, we have provided a variety of opportunities to assist our guests, single parents, senior adults, those with mobility issues, and all others attending our church.  It is our hope and desire that all of us will look first to the needs of others when seeking a place to park.

Guest Parking 2.jpg

New Guest Parking

These spaces are for those attending our church for the first and second time. Our new guest parking lot is striped yellow and located adjacent to the worship center. On Sunday mornings, this lot is easily accessible from John Hawkins Parkway (Highway 150).

Senior Adults.jpg

Senior Adult Parking

A limited number of spaces are available in the East parking lot for senior adults, age 65 and over. These spaces are provided as a convenience for those without a state-issued handicapped permit but needing to park close to the building. These spaces are available, first come first serve.

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Single Parent Parking

This lot is located adjacent to the Preschool and Children’s Building.  This is intended for those parents who are attending church with preschoolers who don’t have the help of another parent or adult.



Hunter Street provides several types of parking spaces for those with mobility issues. These appropriately designated spaces are reserved for those with a mobility issue and who have a state-issued license plate or placard. The plate or placard must be properly displayed.  The State of Alabama allows local municipalities to enforce disability parking laws on private property. 

  • Wheel Chair Only, Van Accessible – these spaces are reserved for those with a ramp-equipped van. These spaces are striped blue and have signage. A state issued license plate or placard is required.

  • Van Accessible – these spaces are reserved for those driving vans. These spaces are striped blue and have signage. A state-issued license plate or placard is required.

  • Disability parking spaces –These spaces are striped blue. A state-issued license plate or placard is required.

  • Disability parking spaces – Sundays 7:00am – 1:00pm. There are many spaces in the South and East parking lots designated “disability parking” during the Sunday morning church hours. A license plate or placard is required to use these spaces during the designated hours.



The Hunter Street Express is an excellent way to access the buildings. Golf carts and trams shuttle people to and from the parking lots.  This service is offered as a convenience for all attending on a Sunday morning.  The Hunter Street Express golf carts and trams travel on a fixed route. Golf carts and trams service different parts of the parking lot, so it is important to ride the same type of vehicle to and from the building, as well as use the same arrival and departure areas.

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Many of the curbs throughout the campus are painted yellow. There are also “no parking” signs posted throughout the lots. On Sundays and Wednesdays orange traffic cones are also used to indicate “no parking.” In every case, the yellow curbs, “no parking” signs, and orange traffic cones are intended for the safety and well-being of all people and vehicles.  Please only park in a properly marked parking space.