Marriage Ministry

Every building, if it is intended to last, must have a solid foundation.  An architect can design an immaculate building but if it is built on a flimsy foundation it will only be a matter of time before the structure crumbles.  A camping tent, on the other hand, needs very little foundation since it is intended only for the short-term.  But in the event of a tornado, would you choose to find refuge in a tent or a building with a strong foundation designed to weather an EF5?

When you think about your marriage, are you laying a foundation that can withstand all of life’s storms? Let us help you discover the blueprint for a healthy marriage that will lay a solid foundation to last a lifetime.

Marriage Prep

This is a nine-week class that will equip you with the tools to build the best foundation for your marriage. You'll also add more to your toolbox for the first year of your marriage.

God’s word is our blueprint and will tell us everything we need to know about building a marriage to last a lifetime. In this class, we’ll cover topics such as communication and conflict resolution, managing finances, the biblical roles for husbands and wives, and many more.

Just Married
small groups

Find a small group to belong to that’s in your stage of life. Just Married Small Groups are where you and your spouse can meet other just-married couples and establish lifelong friendships as you start your married life. Each group is committed to connecting to one another and equipping one another with biblical truths for marriage and for life. To find out more, contact Spencer Knight.

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring offers couples an opportunity to learn skills, address issues, and discover real solutions with an experienced and trusted advisor. Every marriage will need a trusted advisor at some point. Mentoring allows for a safe and confidential environment to meet needs and to strengthen the marriage. Marriage mentoring can be for anyone who is married. It is for those that need help and it is for those who would like to strengthen their relationship.