Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring offers couples an opportunity to learn skills, address issues, and discover real solutions with an experienced and trusted advisor. Every marriage will need a trusted advisor at some point. Mentoring allows for a safe and confidential environment to meet needs and to strengthen the marriage. Marriage mentoring can be for anyone who is married. It is for those that need help and it is for those who would like to strengthen their relationship. Hunter Street offers two marriage mentoring formats:

Love & Respect

Love & Respect marriage mentor groups offer a small group experience where three or four couples meet together on a regular basis while working though the Love & Respect marriage material. Mentors get to know the couples and seek to create lasting relationships. When needs arise, the couple has an experienced husband and wife to contact. The Love & Respect material helps couples understand why their communication styles are not wrong, just different. Based on Ephesians 5:33 this study helps crack the communication code between husband and wife: that unconditional respect is as powerful for him as unconditional love is for her. There is a cost of $10 for a workbook.

DARE Mentoring

DARE Mentoring is our one-on-one marriage mentoring. This marriage mentor opportunity pairs a couple with a trained mentor couple to meet once a week for up to 10 consecutive weeks. This mentorship opportunity helps identify common needs and misunderstandings and find workable solutions. The mentors will provide a safe environment for honest conversation and will lead the couple to find solutions to their issues. There is a small cost of $25 to help cover supplies.