Thank you for registering for our upcoming SERVE class! Prior to the class you will need to complete our online Spiritual Gifts and Personality survey. The access code for the survey is 3065. Please allow 45 minutes to do the survey. Please review the following suggestions prior to taking the survey.

·  Always use the “tab” key to move from field to field.  Do not use the “enter” key while taking this survey, doing so will prematurely conclude the survey and your results will be incomplete. 

·  When asked to enter the class number given you by your leader, please put “301”.

·   Please answer all questions.

·   Do not over think your answer, usually your first choice is the best answer.

·   There are four sections to this survey.  Each section has its own set of directions.  
Please be sure to read each set of directions before you begin each section. 

·   When complete, click on “Submit Survey” only once.  It will appear that nothing is happening, but please be patient.  It may take several minutes to process the information.

The results of your inventory and profile will be available to you when you attend the next SERVE class. Please click HERE to begin your survey.