Security Procedures

We want your child to feel loved and secure from the very first time he or she comes to Hunter Street. As your child experiences security through loving, consistent relationships with teachers, a sense of trust will begin to develop which can help form a foundation for spiritual decisions later on.

We also want you to feel secure about leaving your child in our Preschool Department. We know that if you are confident in leaving your child in the care of loving teachers in a safe environment, you will be better able to worship and study.

Each time you bring your child to church, please follow these procedures:

Step One: Check-in your child at a Quick Check station

Birth-1 year: Use the Quick Check Station located at the Tadpole Park Kitchen. You will be handed a pager when you check in. Enter the number into the computer.

When you check in you will receive a NAME TAG to place on your child and a Parent Receipt with your child’s name and security number on it. Once you have these tags you can proceed to your child’s classroom and drop them off.

If your preschooler is not enrolled in a small group class here, you will be asked to return to the Information Desk to complete information needed on you and your child. You can also choose to enroll your child is a class at that time. This information allows us to locate you in the building during church if you are needed and do not respond to the pager.

When you come to pick up your child, you will need to present your Parent Receipt to the teachers. Your Pager can be returned to any of the yellow baskets located in Tadpole Park. If someone other than you will be picking up your child, you will need to pass on the Parent Receipt to them. Preschoolers will not be released to anyone who does not have the appropriate Parent Receipt. Please remember, we will not release preschoolers to anyone under the age of 18.

If you lose your Parent Receipt, you must go to the Information Desk in Tadpole Park, Polliwog Pond, or Toadsville and present your license to receive an “OK to Pick Up” Form.

REMEMBER: Parents must remain on campus any time that their child is in our care, except for designated times or events. This ensures that we can reach you in case of an emergency.

If we need to locate you... Should there be a situation in which we need you to return to your child’s classroom we will notify you in one of the following ways:


Pagers are set to vibrate only so be sure to keep them close to you so that you can feel it vibrate. Please respond by returning to your child’s classroom as soon as possible.

Cell Phone

If you do not respond to your Pager or Cell Phone, someone will come to find you in the Small Group or worship service you have indicated you attend. Please be sure that teachers know what your schedule is on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights so that you can be located.