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Michael C. and Kellie R. Rockett

 It is so great to belong to a church that provides opportunity to learn more about wills and estate planning and also be introduced to the PhilanthroCorp services. These were just the tools we needed to get started and also work with a great group of professional people.  

It’s always easy to procrastinate and think “we can do this later”! We were soon connected with Matt from PhilanthroCorp, a professional estate specialist. Together, we were a team, discussing and preparing the recommended documents which reflects and remembers our family and charitable organizations we love and care most about. A wonderful referred attorney prepared our documents in their final form.

The binder was a wonderful surprise and now houses all of our documents. It gives us comfort and peace that our project is done and our children will benefit from our organized planning. We definitely would recommend “not” putting this off. It’s easier than most think.   

Tony and Shannon Prado

We were at the age where we knew we would soon need to begin making plans with our estate and be prepared by having wills created. When we were invited to a luncheon at our church that was about estate planning, we decided this was something we needed to look into. We found that our church was providing a wonderful service and package through PhilanthroCorp. This is something that everyone puts off and doesn’t want to spend much time thinking about, but we learned how important it is to have plans in place and make sure things are allocated as we wish.  We recommend this service to others.  We had good experience working with PhilanthroCorp, and feel relieved that we now have plans created that provide for our needs. 

James and Patricia Schmid

We initially went to a luncheon to learn about the services of PhilanthroCorp to help our parents be better equipped; however, at the luncheon, we ended up signing up ourselves to go through the process. We had wills in place, but felt this was something we needed to look into to have all of our documents prepared. We quickly learned that this can be complicated process, but PhilanthroCorp makes it as easy as possible. We had a very good experience working with them to answer all of the hard questions. We have told our small group that this is something that everyone needs to get done. We have seen other families have difficult circumstances when plans are not in place. We have a peace of mind knowing we are prepared for the future.  

Jim and Susan Schenk

We are so grateful that our church introduced us to PhilanthroCorp. This is such a valuable resource! Prior to working with PhilanthroCorp, we had wills that were out-of-date, and had never considered the idea of tithing part of our estate to the Lord's work.  We were encouraged to participate in this service after hearing about it in our small group and having others recommend this process to us. We now find ourselves sharing about this service with others in our circle.  

PhilanthroCorp’s Estate Specialist walked us through a design plan, and we had an idea ahead of time what we wanted to do. We had learned years earlier when my parents passed away of how difficult it can be to get everything together financially. We knew we wanted a simplified and detailed plan that would not add any burden to our family.  Our Estate Specialist showed us many options, and presented us with a flow chart illustration of how our estate would look. This was so helpful, and we used this illustration to intentionally share with our children the plans we had made.  

We found PhilanthroCorp to be organized, patient and helpful.  They connected us with a local attorney to draft our documents, and we thought he was great to work with.  This is a smooth process, and one we are thankful to have experienced. Now our plans are made which will create ease for our family, and also provide funds for future Kingdom work.  

Jessie R. and Wanda T. Stephens

Being a paralegal, I know the importance of having certain documents in place.  Leaving something to our children was always our intentions. Having experience handling our parents’ estate, we wondered what the cost would be, and like most, we just put off getting our own will and estate plan in place. My husband was diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness which prompted attending one of the Hunter Street seminars to learn more about the help we could benefit from, with PhilanthroCorp. We found PhilanthroCorp to be like a "well-oiled machine".

I remember saying to my husband, I like their due diligence! Following the seminar we were called right away. We found this wasn't a "Sales" service. We felt the estate specialist “stood in the gap for us”, walking with us, sharing informative and easy to understand options,  but never in an intrusive way. We were always treated fairly with kindness and patience. Our personal ideas and goals were his priority.

We have a strong trust in the Hunter Street leadership and their partnership with PhilanthroCorp. We would have to look long and hard to recommend any changes in all the benefits we received. We now have our will and estate plan in place, for such a reasonable cost. We sleep better at night and know we are not leaving a burden to our children. 

Darwin and Miriam “Mimi” Hollingsworth          

The PhilanthroCorp event in May 2017 was really what motivated both of us to learn more about estate planning for our savings and retirement monies. We had Wills prepared previously and knew we should do something else, but didn’t know what to do.  It’s a fear of the unknown.  We were skeptical about working with a firm we weren’t familiar with – would the attorneys being costly and too pushy, and would we have to work on THEIR timeline, not ours?

We found that the event was full of great information and lots of detail and felt like the folks at PhilanthroCorp could help us with our needs.Our relationship with the estate specialist put us at ease right away.He was so patient and educated us throughout our conversations.We felt no pressure.He worked with us at a pace that we were comfortable with, even though some of the parts took extra time.Ultimately we had everything in place before taking our wishes to the attorney. We feel much better that we have our plan in place and our daughters are relieved and happy as well.

Jayme and Stephanie Lambert

 Prior to working with PhilanthroCorp, we did not have wills or plans made. This was a great opportunity to get plans in place.  PhilanthroCorp made everything quite simple for us.  It was great to have someone walk through the entire process with us, and have everything laid out and explained to us. We learned a lot about beneficiaries and how everything flows through your estate.

This is a great service, and we would encourage others to utilize this process. Putting together your will is much simpler than you would think. We are thankful that we took advantage of this opportunity.

Jerry and Rita Newell

Prior to working with PhilanthroCorp, we had a very simple will in place. We were glad to connect with PhilanthroCorp because we found our experience to be very helpful.  They were so supportive and answered all of our questions to make things clear for us to understand. We found their estate specialists to be knowledgeable, and we learned a lot about tax laws and the best ways to leave our assets. PhilanthroCorp referred us to great attorney to prepare our documents. We felt comfortable with him, and were pleased with the final will he prepared for us. We would highly encourage others to work with PhilanthroCorp and utilize this great service.  

Mark and Martha Hughes

We attended a seminar to learn about the services available to us through PhilanthroCorp. We had wills in place that were updated, but decided to have them review our plans to see if they had any recommended changes. We were impressed to learn about ways we could utilize trusts, and find different ways to fund ministries we care about that would also help avoid any added taxes. We had a great experience working with PhilanthroCorp, and enjoyed the convenience of planning over-the-phone. This service is educational and easy, and we would recommend it to others.