Small Group


MissionTwenty20 is more than national and global missions. It is also about sharing the gospel with our neighbors, friends, our community, and our local mission/ministry partners.

On Sunday afternoon/evening all adult small groups are asked to participate in Sunday Night Serve. Your adult small group may participate in one of the following ways:

1. Host a dinner with neighbors, coworkers, or unchurched friends.
2. Work with one of our community partners.
3. Create your own opportunity to share the gospel.

In every case, the goal is to create opportunities to share the gospel. All preschoolers, kids, preteens, middle school, and high school students are asked to participate alongside their parents.


Host a Dinner
Small Group members will pair up to host a dinner to practice hospitality with Potential Connections. Potential Connections are people who are non-Christians where we live, worship, work, and play. The goal is to build better relationships that will enable on-going conversations so that God may open doors in the future to share the good news of Christ.

Community Ministry Partners
Support community ministry partners by meeting at a Small Group member’s home, bringing supplies, creating scripture cards, and praying over the ministry. Each community partner will give a synopsis of their ministry, how they share Christ, give prayer request, and a list of needed supplies.

Contact a Community Ministry Partner to get a synopsis of the ministry, prayer requests, and requested supplies. Meet at a Small Group member’s home on April 7 to bring the list of requested supplies. Spend time learning about this ministry opportunity and praying over their requested needs. Assign someone to collect the given supplies and set up a time with the Ministry Contact to deliver the supplies.

Participating Community Partners

Prison Ministry
Ministry Contact: Rick Hudson

Jessie’s Place
Ministry Contact: Melanie Weldon

Food 4 Kids
Ministry Contact: Esther Merriam

Jimmye Hale
Ministry Contact: Scott Stanley

The Grace Place
Ministry Contact: Katy Wallace

Sav-A-Life Vestavia
Ministry Contact: Teresa McCoy

Shepherd’s Fold
Ministry Contact: Jack Hausen

More Opportunities

Alabama Children’s Home
Find the needs lists for each area of ABCH here:

Groups could use these lists to identify items they may like to collect, pray over, and deliver. Please deliver collected goods to ABCH offices, 2681 Rocky Ridge Lane, Birmingham AL 35216

Sav-A-Life Vestavia Diaper Rebag
Rebag diapers given to Sav-A-Life into packs of 25. Scripture and encouraging notes can be written and placed in each bag. Diapers and supplies can be picked up and taken to a Small Group members home to complete the task. Contact Teresa McCoy for details.

Create Your Own
Brainstorm with your Small Group on how to make the Gospel known in our city. For example, meet with your Small Group at a local park to meet new people. Or create welcome gift bags and  go through your neighborhoods to meet the newest neighbors. The idea is for a Small Group to serve the community in a manner that would create opportunities to form relationships with people, pray with them, and invite them to Hunter Street. A good rule of thumb for this option is answering the question, “how will this activity lead to sharing Christ now or in the near future?”  If you can answer that in a positive manner then you have a great idea; now go out and do it on April 7.

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Know our Missionaries

We desire for our church family to be engaged with our mission partners. It’s important for us to know about our partners and to pray for them and their families.

For six Sundays leading up to April 7, a different mission partner will be featured in Small Groups. We’ll be introduced to the mission partner and will go over prayer requests. Then in April we’ll have the opportunity to meet these partners in person. This Small Group emphasis will be on February 24, March 3, March 10, March 17, March 24, and March 31.