Missions at Hunter Street

Our church is passionate about boldly proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. God sends us out to make Him known to every tribe, tongue, and nation so peoples everywhere will know and worship the Lord Jesus Christ. When the gospel is shared, God is glorified and people can be saved.


Date Location
August 30-September 2 Boston, Massachusetts
September 14 Clarkston, Georgia
September 15-20 New York City, New York
September 22-26 New York City, New York
September 27 – October 5 London, United Kingdom
October 4-10 Japan
October 10-13 Ledyard, Connecticut
October 11-14 New Orleans, Louisiana
October 11-19 London, United Kingdom
October 18-26 London, United Kingdom
October 12 Clarkston, Georgia
October 13-17 New York City, New York
October 20-25 New York City, New York
October 25 - November 2 Senegal/The Gambia, Africa
November 3-7 New York City, New York
November 9 Clarkston, Georgia
November 10-14 New York City, New York
October 24-30 Baltimore, Maryland
December Paris, France
December 14 Clarkston, Georgia

2020 Opportunites

Monthly (Usually Second Saturday) Clarkston, Georgia
January Senegal, Africa
February New York City, New York
February Chad, Africa
March London, United Kingdom
March New York City, New York
March/April London, United Kingdom
April New York City, New York
April/May Boston, Massachusetts
May/June North Africa
Summer Salt Lake City, Utah and Ledyard, Connecticut
June New York City, New York
July Indianapolis, Indiana and Denver, Colorado
TBD Paris, France
TBD East Asia
TBD Baltimore, Maryland

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Live on-mission now


  • Pray for lost family, friends, associates.

  • Pray for a specific missionary.

  • Pray for a specific location.

  • Pray for an unreached people group.


  • Give to Missions offerings.

  • Give to the World Hunger offering.

  • Participate in other giving opportunities.


  • Live the gospel. 

Would you like more information about an upcoming mission trip? Contact Karla Luttrell in the mission’s office at 205.985.7295.