Wednesday Night Life Classes

Wednesday Night Life is what we call our mid-week evening of fellowship and discipleship for every member of the family. Adults can choose to attend a class or serve in the choir or orchestra. Students and preteens meet for worship and teaching. Children and preschoolers learn songs and do missions activities. Most classes are one hour and begin at 6:30pm. Children's and students activities generally start at 6:15pm.

Don't forget dinner! Everyone is invited to our Fellowship Meal. Each week a local restaurant provides an affordable meal before our classes begin. Come to the Gym between 4:45 -6:15pm. We would love to meet you.

Wednesday Fellowship Meal

Enjoy a delicious meal catered by a local restaurant.


Time: 4:45 to 6:15 pm
Place: Gym
Cost: Adults $5; Children $3.50; family maximum $17


Wednesday Night Life Spring Mini Term (March 13, 20, and April 3, 2019) Online Wednesday Night Life registration has now closed, but you can still participate. If you have any questions, please call the church office at 205.985.7295.
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The Book of Ephesians: Paul’s Thanksgiving and Prayer (1:15-23)

Ephesians is Paul's letter written to encourage any believer who is struggling to live out their Christian faith in this world. He reminds us that our confidence is not in ourselves, but in Christ and the wonderful blessings God has already given all saints in Christ (1:3-14).

This study will build on these present blessings of God by examining and applying 1:15-23. Here we will see the evidence in our lives that gives proof of our status as saints in Christ. Also, through Paul's prayer we will understand how we can develop spiritual eyesight to know the blessings of God in ever deeper ways through a growing relationship with him. It is a call for us to move forward in a surer faith, living confidently in the ongoing work of Jesus Christ in his Church..

Time: 6:30-7:30
Leader: Bryan Lynch
Contact: Kerry Jones

Faith, Hope, Love, and Apologetics

How does love for God and our neighbor show up in our discussions with unbelievers? Is simply being nice enough, or is there a way to show love that looks different? Christ overcame death by dying, conquered empires by being crucified under their power. What would an apologetic that is a speaking only of/in/by the cross of Christ look like? Can we argue in and for the love of Christ?  Join Dr. Matthew Burford and UAB philosophy professor Dr. Travis Coblentz as they teach apologetics from the lens of the theological virtues of faith, hope and love.

Time: 6:30-7:30
Leaders: Dr. Matt Burford, Tactical Faith and Dr. Travis Coblentz, Philosophy Professor at UAB 
Contact: Kerry Jones

For God So Loved The World: A Survey of The Gospel of John

Everyone knows that the Gospel of John is different from the other three. Why is that? In this three-week survey of The Gospel According to John, we will learn about the evangelist, the structure of his writing, and some of the book’s major themes inspired by the Holy Spirit: logos, signs, the identity of Christ (I AM), and John’s stated purpose:  “that by these things you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, and by believing, you may have life in His name” (Jn. 20:30-31). 

Time: 6:30-7:30
Leader: Dr. Tommye Lambert

Parent Conversations, Continued

Raising kids and students is hard. Families are dealing with real issues as they walk through everyday life with their kids. Join Christian counselor Bryce Landwehr from Wellspring Christian Clinic and others in a conversation about the real life issues facing students and parents today. With opportunities to ask questions and interact with the counselors, Parent Conversations will address some real life issues head on, with the hope of the Gospel.

Time: 6:30-7:30
Leader: Andy Wilbanks

Two Big Issues in Marriage

Every married couple will at times struggle with communication and resolving conflict.  In this class, we will explore what God’s Word says about these issues and how we can practically apply God’s Word to strengthen our marriages.

Time: 6:30-7:30
Leader: Brian Hinton

Overview of Three World Religions/Cults: Mormonism, Atheism, and Islam

Each week, we will investigate the claims of a different religion or cult by giving a broad overview of their beliefs and practices. After each class you will better understand the false claims of each belief system.  Why is it imperative as a Christian to know how they differ from Christianity?  The following questions will be answered in the classes: Is the Mormon “Jesus” the Jesus of the Bible?  Do Mormons believe the same gospel?  Are Mormons Christians?  What are the main beliefs of Mormonism? Do Atheists base their beliefs about the existence of God, the origin of life, and evolution on science or faith?  Is anyone actually a true atheist?  How do you prove that God exists to an atheist?  What do Muslims believe about Muhammed, Jesus, evangelism, and the Koran?  I trust that a broad overview of each of these religions will be helpful as we seek opportunities to share the hope of the gospel with those around us.

Time: 6:30-7:30
Leader: Brady Tarr