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Rebekah Harris

Rebekah Harris

Choosing Hunter Street to call my church home was one of the easiest decisions I’ve made. When I moved here to start school at Samford University, my aunt and uncle (long time members) asked me to come to church with them. I did, and soon I started attending the college small group. 

I was also taking a class that required service hours. I decided to ask about serving in Tadpole Park for a Sunday. Serving there was an amazing experience. I have always loved working with little ones, so volunteering was a blast. A few months later, I was asked to teach a one-year old Sunday School class. I was so excited to be asked to teach! I prayed about it, and soon knew this is what God wanted me to do. 

I started teaching three years ago, and now four groups of kids later, I am still teaching. I have met some of the most wonderful people while working in Tadpole Park, and have formed friendships with parents that I would have never met. God has given me a home in the Children’s Ministry. I am so glad to call Hunter Street my church home.

Bill Watkins

Bill Watkins

In 2002, God was putting it on our heart that we were to leave our church home. We made a list of 3 churches we wanted to visit. Hunter Street was on the list and I told Amy, “Let’s visit Hunter Street first and check it off the list because I just know that God would not call us to a church so big.”

In June 2002, we came in for our one and only visit. From the time we parked, we were greeted many times. The people were so friendly. The service started with the praise team coming on stage. No choir that day. When they started singing the first song, something happened… worship. These people started to worship. True worship. I just broke down in tears. I leaned down and told Amy, “This is real worship.” God put it on my heart that this was our home. We never visited the other two churches on our list.

Our love for Christ and for each other has gone to depths I could not imagine. We are so thankful our Lord brought us to Hunter Street.

Jerry Cockrell

Jerry Cockrell

About eight years ago I committed to tell others about the peace, love, and hope that only Jesus can give. I did not learn how to do this overnight. God used experiences in Clarkston, Georgia to prepare me for sharing Jesus with people from other nations. After six years, He led me to go with a team to Africa. It took two trips for me to be comfortable with talking to and sharing with a people group that I would have never wanted to even talk with previously. 

I want to encourage others to grow and to share the love of Jesus. If God can use me, He can use you, too. There is such a thirst for peace and love throughout the world. It’s a desire only Jesus Christ can fulfill.

Sarah Simmons

Sarah Simmons

I spend my Mondays with Serving You Ministries, a community ministry serving the needs of those with financial needs. It is a great blessing to me to be able to offer help in a real, tangible way – such as helping to keep their lights and heat on. Being able to do it in the name of Jesus Christ is a powerful testimony about who He is.

Every time I serve it also reminds me of who He is – our provider, our comforter, our sustainer. I consider it a privilege that He lets me carry out a small part of His work, though it never feels like work. Instead it always feels like a blessing and a reminder of His providence.

Jeremy and Megan Switzer

Jeremy and Megan Switzer

We have lived next to Alan and Janet Paquette for about 3 years. As we became friends, they kept inviting us to come to church with them. For one reason or another, we always declined. Then one Sunday last summer, we decided to join them.  We are very glad we did, as we were looking for a place to belong. We knew we wanted to become involved in a Small Group, so we tried a few until we found one we really liked.

Even though the class has been together for a long time, they welcomed us and have made us feel like we have been in the class since the beginning. We look forward to the future and continuing to grow in our faith and love for God with them.

Sharon Tinsley

Sharon Moates 

In October 1987 I was going through my mail and found a Val- Pak coupon for Hunter Street Baptist Church.  At that time, Hunter Street was meeting at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Lorna Road, only a block from where I lived. I visited the next Sunday and knew that I had found my church home!

When I joined there were about 200 members. These people had a profound influence on my life and helped me grow as a Christian.  Many have passed on now, but will never be forgotten.

Much later, I came to find out from Buddy that I was the only person who visited because of that coupon. God knew that random Val-Pak coupon was the answer to my prayers.

Shirley Warren

Shortly after I moved to Hoover about three years ago, I found a bag on my front door that had information about Hunter Street, an invitation to attend and a bag of coffee in it.  This was a pleasant surprise!  I decided that a church willing to welcome me to the community with a bag of coffee was serious and deserved a visit!

I was encouraged on my first visit because the people were friendly and the preaching was gospel-centered.  After attending for about two years, I joined a small group.  I wish I had done so sooner because my small group has been such a blessing to me and has given me a better understanding of what it truly means to belong here at Hunter Street.

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